J.W. Brooks: Author

J. W. Brooks grew up in a small rural Canadian town in Ontario. As a kid, his love and passion for creating unique, interesting characters and adventurous stories first started with a creative writing assignment in grade school.

This single assignment, while no more than a few paragraphs long, sparked a new interest in writing - developing new characters and worlds; unique stories which have taken many forms over the years from novels to comics and even films. He has since authored a modest handful of short stories and continues to seek out new intriguing concepts and adventures from his everyday life.

J.W. Brooks remains, himself, very adventurous. He credits his inspiration for some of his best works from exploring the wilderness and hiking the trails of Northern Ontario.

While he continues to dream up and develop new concepts and adventures, he does find some of his best original ideas can still be taken from his early classroom writings.

Pressberry Projects – Stories, Adventures, and More

What is Pressbery Projects? In short, Pressberry Projects houses all my projects. Those that I worked and designed when I was a young kid, those that I am presently working on and developing, and those that have been published.

Pressberry projects is a showcase of my past, a showcase of my present, and a window into what I have in store.