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After spending over a year writing, developing, and designing what I consider to be the best Ben & Ally adventure so far, I am very happy to announce the next comic book adventure of the brother & sister duo is now available!

Spanning 9 action packed chapters and bonus comics, I'm confident this new adventure is sure to entertain and delight fans of the series and new readers as well!

A lot of hard work writing and developing new art went into this adventure and I am very proud of how everything came together. I hope everyone enjoys this adventure just as much as I enjoyed putting it all together!


The next book in the Ben & Ally Series "Ben & Ally - Home Movies" is set to have the first edition printing take place in the next couple of weeks! After a long year in development, the biggest Ben & Ally adventure is finally being sent to the printers!

I am very proud of this latest work both in terms of writing and art style updates. The 9 chapters and bonus comic section included within the pages represents a large amount of work and effort over this last year. I really hope everyone enjoys this latest adventure and I cannot wait to share it with you!

Stay tuned for an anticipated release date to be announced within the next month.

In addition to the next published adventure, I am further excited to announce the new Ben & Ally web comic series now available to read every Friday on our ComiXone Twitter & Instagram accounts.

Continuing the same writing style and humor from our first four published adventures, this web comic strip releases a new web comic every Friday continuing the adventures of Ben & Ally. You can join them along with their family, friends, local Mayor, and community at large. I do hope to continue showcasing a new web comic each week and seeing this web series develop further over the years.

Again, thank you to everyone who enjoys what I do and for hanging in with me over the last super busy year of production. I hope to have a lot more new stories and adventures to share with you very shortly.


There's no better way to kick off the holiday season than in the highest quality possible, and with today's launch of the HQ version of Ben & Ally "Kinda" Save Christmas, we're doing just that!

Printed on the highest quality paper and ink available, this completes the release of our first Ben & Ally Pocketbook Adventure, and rings in the holiday season - just as Ben and Ally do throughout the pages of their newest holiday themed adventure!

Whether you prefer to stick with the SD version released earlier this month or want to experience the adventure in the new HD release, I hope this story I've worked on over the last four years brings some special holiday joy to you and your family. I hope you enjoy reading this fun and hilariously heartwarming adventure starring our favorite brother & sister duo along with their friends and family.

Still craving some more special updates? Fans of Ben & Ally should also keep an eye on the Series Artwork Page (included below) for great clips and highlights from both the Comic & Pocketbook adventures!


Update Nov 2, 2020: It's here! Ben & Ally: "Kinda" Save Christmas is now available to purchase! Additional versions, including a special hard cover edition will also be available to purchase later this year.

The first entry into the all-new Ben & Ally Pocketbook Adventure series has an official launch date!

You can purchase a first edition Ben & Ally: "Kinda" Save Christmas - Launch Edition - on Monday, November 2nd, 2020.

Offering the traditional bedtime storytelling components mixed with the comic book elements from their previous adventures, the Ben & Ally Pocketbook Adventure series will offer readers a great way to experience the stories and adventures of Ben & Ally in a new unique and enjoyable way. Mixed with a fun and festive Christmas adventure, this will be a great way to ring in the holiday seasons and the launch of the new Pocketbook Adventure series!

Be sure to follow the Project Page as more highlights of the Pocketbook Adventure series become available, and be sure to check back on November 2nd to order your copy of the newest Ben & Ally adventure just in time for Christmas!


My next published work - and newest adventure to the BEN & Ally Series - has concluded this weekend!

"Ben & Ally: "Kinda" Save Christmas" has completed the final read through, and has been sent to the publishers for the printing of the release candidate copies of the book.

This newest adventure is also being printed under the newly developed "Pocketbook Adventure" series, which is being developed as a new adventure series for the Ben & Ally adventures. While the comic adventures will still be developed and produced, the new "Pocketbook Adventures" series will offer newer stories and adventures of the brother & sister duo, perfect for bedtime reading.

More details about the new "Pocketbook" series and release date will be shared in the coming weeks. I cannot wait to share this new adventure with you!


My first new side project has finally been launched. Starting today, you can now begin to explore all my favorite photos I've taken and shared.

As both a professional and avid photographer at heart, I simply love to take artistic, interesting, and thought provoking photos of many things, with nature photography being my favorite. I've also got plenty of our family puppy Rufus to share as well!

All my favorite photos I've shared will be updated in this section. More will continue to be added in the coming months, so please feel free to check back periodically!


The day has finally arrived. The next adventure of the Ben & Ally series has now released.

You can now enjoy Ben & Ally's biggest adventure to date in six action packed comic as they take on the dangerous mission of taking care of their Mom's new "puppy". I really hope you do enjoy reading this adventure as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Please visit our online store to purchase your copy today and read a preview of the first chapter!


It is hard to believe we are just a little over two weeks from the official release date for Ben & Ally's next big adventure! And I am happy to announce today the pre-order timing!

Pre-ordering for the next adventure - "Ben & Ally: Meet The New Puppy" will open on Wednesday, May 27th. Ordering on this date will open by 8am at the latest. Orders made on this date should arrive before, or by the release date of June 6th through our online store.

I'm very excited as we get closer to the release date and hope you'll be sure to check back in the coming weeks as more news, highlights, and updates become available!


The next big adventure of the Ben & Ally series continues - "Ben & Ally: Meet The New Puppy"

You can join Ben & Ally in meeting the new puppy on: June 6th, 2020 through Amazon and all online retailers where books are sold.

Follow the Project Page below for further updates and news are we quickly approach the release date.


After our initial launch in August of 2019, the Pressberry Projects website has undergone a major Spring Update!

The website has been updated to add an all new coat of paint, visual enhancements, as well as an easier navigation and viewing experience.

More information on the Spring Update as well as all the latest news and updates regarding my upcoming and new projects in the works can be found on my April Blog Post found below.

Additional features should be launching in the next few weeks, including book previews, project announcements, and more.


The official project page for the upcoming release of "Ben & Ally: Meet The New Puppy" has received some new updates.

Along with a new 'Sneak Peek' section to get periodic behind the scenes looks at what is in store for the next adventure, there is also a new story summary and feature listings added.

Today also marks a milestone as the first release candidate has been submitted to the printers today. I cannot wait to share a look at the first edition printing very soon!


As I begin to get closer to completing the next graphic novel adventure of Ben & Ally, I'm excited to announce the first sneak peak into the new book has now been announced!

All day on February 22nd on both Twitter and the Project Page below, I will be sharing a few sneak-peaks into the new book, including new locations, characters, and more.

Follow me on Twitter and the project page for further updates, news, and release dates as they become available.


A major milestone achivement has been met as production on the main story of the next adventure of Ben & Ally completed this morning!

While still a lot of work remains touching up certain aspects, proof-reading, as well as other surprises, it's great to see the full story in full form!

I'm going to do my best to share what I can of the upcoming book both on the project page and my blog both included below. Hopefully there should be more to share shortly!


I'm very excited to announce the release of "Ben & Ally: Escape From Camp Buttercup" has been accepted and now available for sale through iBooks today!

Alongside the release of our available softcover version, those who prefer the eBook experience are now able to purchase their copy and enjoy the adventure today.


Early readers of our first published adventure in the Ben & Ally Series this last week may have noticed a preview for our next adventure, already in development.

Today, I'm excited to announce the official name of this next adventure: Ben & Ally: Meet The New Puppy!

From the initial promotional photo attached, I'm sure you can guess this is no ordinary puppy. This story has been in the writing phase shortly after production on 'Escape From Camp Buttercup' concluded, with the early phases of the illustrations starting this week!

Check out the official Project Page included below for behind the scenes sneak peeks and project updates as they become available.

This is an exciting and ambitious follow-up story, and I can't wait to share more of it with you!