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Posted: 04/14/20: After what can only be best described as the weirdest four weeks of my life, I'm continuing to find ways to keep busy.

Right now with all the craziness going on in the world, I'm continuing to follow what drives me on a day to day basis - writing and being creative! That includes wrapping up production on the eighth month long project of my newest book "Ben & Ally: Meet The New Puppy" along with a variety of other projects I've got on the go as well.

First off, the biggest and most noticeable project to recently be completed, my website. After the initial website launch last August, I've always been taking notes of small things I've wanted to add or change or remove. After a while, this list of changes I'd like to make had grown so big, it became more apparent that simply starting over fresh with a newer website might be the best way to go! So, after a few weeks of 'shelter in place' work, I'm very excited to finally launch the new 'Pressberry Projects' website experience today!

You'll notice all the books and series are displayed in a more visually appealing and easier to view way! And overall the website style better reflects my writing and projects feel as well. Overall, I'm much more happier with this new layout, and hope to continue to add and enhance it in the coming years!

But that hasn't been the only thing I've been busy with:

As mentioned earlier, production on my newest book "Ben & Ally: Meet The New Puppy" has wrapped up, and I'm now in the final stages prior to launch! The official first edition print proofs were just received last week, and so far I've just been enjoying the nice quiet moments I've had to sit down and really enjoy the experience of reading this newest adventure!

This newest book was a pretty big undertaking. The story was much more larger and ambitious than my previous adventure "Escape From Camp Buttercup" but I must admit I am very happy and proud of the final results, and I cannot wait to be able to share this newest story with you readers!

Initially I had hoped to release "Meet The New Puppy" sooner in the Spring, however due to the current world situation we are all observing, this plan is not presently easy to do. As such, I am taking this time to get all editions set and ready to launch at the same time, and have officially decided to set a launch date for the Summer of 2020! In the coming month, I hope to have a specific date to provide everyone to mark on their calendars!

Finally, one last small note about what I've got brewing up on the side. Yes, I'm talking about upcoming projects! As work on my newest book is beginning to wrap up, I'm looking forward to starting work on a brand new set of adventures! This not only includes plans for another entry into the Ben & Ally series, but I'm also beginning to look at completing a long worked on novel series! Work on this novel has been in production off and on for over 10 years now, and as the last few months have gone on, I've grown all the more eager to complete it! As such, I've now made it my goal to complete this novel and release this new series hopefully by the end of 2020, or early 2021!

This novel has been a big 10 year undertaking, and represents a whole new series I have been developing for a very long time. I cannot wait to share more information on this project later this year!

For now, those are all the big Spring Updates that have been building up. As mentioned, I hope everyone enjoys the new website experience, is looking forward to the new 'Ben & Ally' adventure as we get closer to launch, and as always continue to follow me for new updates and information regarding upcoming projects as well.

Till next time - stay safe, and happy reading!