Ben & Ally - Series

Ben & Ally 
Comic Adventure Series

Written & Illustrated by:
J.W Brooks
Genre: Fiction
Ages: 7+



Meet Ben & 

A brother and sister duo who seem to stumble into adventures, danger, and maybe a few headaches... all without really trying.

This brother and sister team face many challenges - from surviving and escaping a (poorly built) summer camp, to losing and searching for a lost (and very angry) puppy. No matter what situation they find themselves in or how dire things look, these two can always count on their friends, family, or sidekicks to... actually, on second thought, they pretty much have each other to rely on.

The stories, the art, and the adventures will keep you guessing what will happen next right to the end - and on to the next adventure.

Ben & Ally are back for an action packed 9 chapter adventure - and this time, they're making a movie about it!