Ben & Ally - Series

A Brother & Sister duo - with style to boot

portfolio_6Ben & Ally are a brother and sister who have grown up their whole lives together facing many challenges - from school, to chores, to their mother... you know, just normal stuff!

I initially began crafting adventures and stories around the lives of Ben and Ally when I first began to develop the series in 2014. Instead of deciding who these characters were, what their personalities would be, what they would like or dislike, enjoy or find sad, I instead allowed them to tell me themselves through a three year long session of crafting small stories and comics. After years of development, the beginning of their first big adventure - "Escape From Camp Buttercup" began.

Their adventures continue through a variety of story book presentations - from big multi-chapter comic book adventures, to a quick and fun, easy to read bedtime story Pocketbook. The stories are fun and easy to read for early readers all the way to those young at heart!


A multi-part comic book adventure broken into multiple chapters.

A great big story featuring lots of action, adventure, story, and more - all presented in a colourful, fun to read - comic book format.




Combining the traditional story telling components we've all grown up with and mixing them with the style and flare of a comic book.

The Ben & Ally Pocketbook Adventure series provides a fun bedtime read that combines both elements to offer a unique and enjoyable story for all ages.

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