• The Ben & Ally Series

A Brother & Sister duo - with style to boot

Ben & Ally are a brother and sister who have grown up their whole lives together facing many challenges - from school, to chores, to their mother... you know, just normal stuff!

I initially began crafting adventures and stories around the lives of Ben and Ally when I first began to develop the series in 2016. Instead of deciding who these characters were, what their personalities would be, what they would like or dislike, enjoy or find sad, I instead allowed them to tell me themselves through a three year long session of crafting small stories and comics. After years of development, the beginning of their first big adventure - "Escape From Camp Buttercup" began.

The Ben & Ally comics are perfect in that the stories are easy to read and follow, are engaging, and are paced through four separate chapters, making picking up and reading perfect for early readers, while still also welcoming all ages!