Ben & Ally - Series

Welcome to the world of Ben & Ally:

Ben and Ally have grown up in the small town of Lakeport their whole lives, made many friends, and been on many adventures.

So just who exactly will we meet on these adventures?

Ben & Ally

portfolio_6Ben & Ally are a brother and sister who have grown up their whole lives together facing many challenges - from school, to chores, to their mother... you know, just normal stuff!

Ben is the older brother. He's a little older, a little wiser, and a little cynical of the world. He has a 'cup is half full' attitude and always seems to have something to stress about going on.

Ally is the little sister. She's a lover of life, always looking on the bright side of things. She always has a smile, a positive attitude, and a good plan when the situation calls for it.


portfolio_6Mom has spent many years raising Ben and Ally... and now she's finally snapped.

Some might call her crazy, others may say she's angry... Ben and Ally simply don't say anything at all.


portfolio_6Ben & Ally's self proclaimed "bestest friend forever". Anthony has been there every step of the way - through school, through life's ups and downs, and through thick and thin.

He's a lover of science fiction, a horrible cook, and maybe just a little bit annoying sometimes.

Melissa Stone

portfolio_6Ben's sorta-kinda girlfriend. Melissa has it all. Her father's the Mayor, she lives in the biggest house in town, has lots of money... and is pretty miserable about it all.

The Stone Family

portfolio_6The Stone Family owns nearly the entire town and lives in the biggest house in the nicest neighbourhood. Richard Stone, the "leader" of the family, is town Mayor, and pretty much keeps busy nowadays trying to keep that position in check.

Natasha & Amy

portfolio_6Two great friends of Ben and Ally's. Amy, whose only dream is to one day become a dancer, and Natasha who dreams of being an author.

They aren't having much luck with either dream, but they hope they'll get there one day. For now, they just enjoy helping out Ben and Ally whenever they can.