Ben & Ally - Escape From Camp Buttercup

Ben & Ally 
Escape From Camp Buttercup

Written & Illustrated by:
J.W Brooks
Genre: Fiction
Ages: 7+


Welcome To Camp Buttercup!

- Ally and her older brother Ben are on their way to Camp Buttercup: a summer get away experience all young Buttercup Scouts dream of all year long!

The camp has everything - from swimming, arts and crafts, hiking, adventures - and now Ally can finally take her Buttercup troop out to enjoy it all!

The only problem is the pamphlet for this camp may be out of date a few ... dozen years. Drafty cabins, a polluted swimming hole, and vacation slide shows for movie night? This camp is a deathtrap!

Now, aimed with only their determination and desire to get home, Ally, her Buttercup Troop, her brother Ben, and a super eager Councillor Bob, must now figure out a way to escape this camp and get back home. You know, just like any regular summer camp!

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