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There's no better way to kick off the holiday season than in the highest quality possible, and with today's launch of the HQ version of Ben & Ally "Kinda" Save Christmas, we're doing just that!

Printed on the highest quality paper and ink available, this completes the release of our first Ben & Ally Pocketbook Adventure, and rings in the holiday season - just as Ben and Ally do throughout the pages of their newest holiday themed adventure!

Whether you prefer to stick with the SD version released earlier this month or want to experience the adventure in the new HD release, I hope this story I've worked on over the last four years brings some special holiday joy to you and your family. I hope you enjoy reading this fun and hilariously heartwarming adventure starring our favorite brother & sister duo along with their friends and family.

Still craving some more special updates? Fans of Ben & Ally should also keep an eye on the Series Artwork Page (included below) for great clips and highlights from both the Comic & Pocketbook adventures!


Ben & Ally: Escape From Camp Buttercup has officially launched today, with copies now available to purchase directly through Amazon and other book retailers.

Our e-Book Edition is also available for direct purchase, with a copy becoming available for purchase directly through the iBookstore shortly (further announcements to come).

Be sure to check out our our online store to purchase your copy today.


Production on the first entry into the Ben & Ally series officially wrapped this morning with a final read through. After a few extra last minute tweaks, I'm happy to announce production on 'Ben & Ally - Escape From Camp Buttercup' has officially wrapped up.

The manuscript is anticipated to be sent to the printer later this week, with an official launch expected to take place before September. Please check back soon as I plan to announce the official launch date very shortly.


My first big milestone achieved today as my new website - launches! While this is an early soft launch and I'll be spending the rest of the week scouring it over for any hidden bugs or errors, I'm happy and proud of my first big step into publishing my author website.

I'm excited for the many projects, stories, and adventures I'll be able to share on this new platform, as well as working towards my first published work being offered on here very shortly! I can't wait for the what is about to come.


The launch of our first book in the "Ben & Ally" series is almost completed as we get closer to the official launch.

The first initial proofs have been printed and, with a few extra tweaks, the series should be launching alongside the launch of our new website.

Official launch dates as well as online store purchase locations will be shared shortly. Stay tuned.