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What a busy year it has been so far. Without my usual summer projects of filming dance recitals, sporting events, and having my job take me across country this year, I've been finding this year (the last two months especially) has allowed me to focus more on my writing and stories.

Now don't get me wrong, this has been absolutely amazing! I've spent many nice days sitting under the shade tree in my backyard as I proof read my new novel I've been working on. I spent an incredible day walking through the forest jotting down notes and ideas for my next 'Ben & Ally' adventure. And I spent a very relaxing evening sitting under the setting sun and rising moon writing a big chunk of my that next story in my writing journel. I really cannot think of a more perfect way for me to spend my summer!

But, just like anything great, there can be a point of reaching too much of a good thing and needing a break. And as the hot summer wears on, and a growing 'to-do' list sits by needing a little attention, I find myself now growing weary of pushing forward with these projects right now. And so, just as I find myself every year in August after spending a full busy summer working and running around, I'm taking a month off to recharge my creative batteries and just relax. Welcome to August!

My to-do list has a lot of random house repair things I've kind of started this summer. Boring things like cleaning the garage door or washing the gutters. But it also contains a lot of fun interesting side projects I've taken on as well! One new thing I'm doing this year is being a judge for a local film festival! I've spent the last few months watching a lot of entries for this year's local film festival, and providing a ranking and my feedback on each film! With the final deadline to get my votes in soon, I'll be spending the next few weeks making sure I finish watching these films and giving my final ranking shortly. Hopefully this fall, there may be a way to still showcase these film entries through a local drive in movie theater. This is still being planned, but would be really cool if we could get it setup!


As we do every year in August, my family once again headed out to the wilderness to spend a week in a cabin in the middle of the forest. Initially when we set this up last year, the current world events we're now dealing with were not even a thing. Luckily, our cabin was located in a remote area where there were barely any people. Instead of going out hiking or adventuring like we normally do each year though, we spent a great deal of time just kicking back at the cabin. Luckily, we had an amazing view and a great place to swim and relax. It was actually pretty nice being able to get away for a little bit and leave the stress and anxiety of world events behind for just a little bit.


So what does the rest of August look like for me? Essentially right now it will be just finishing my to-do list. Getting the film festival taken care of, fix up the house a bit, and take a lot of walks and enjoy this nice summer weather while we still have it for a little bit.

Work on the Ben & Ally Christmas adventure is about 70% finished, and I anticipate to continue working and completing that starting September along with the next Ben & Ally adventure, alongside continuing to proof read and finish my new upcoming novel. Essentially, the fall is shaping up to be a rather busy creative time for sure!

As always, I'll continue to keep you posted and updated on my projects and adventures when I can. Till then, keep safe - and happy reading!