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Here we go - the last month of 2020. For a year that started out completely different, filled with a variety of projects and plans, things certainly are a lot different than what I imagined.

I'm not necessarily saying this in a negative tone at all. This year has been filled with a lot of accomplishments, from the release of my 2nd Ben & Ally comic book adventure, to spending the summer working on my nature photography, writing my new novel, to the most recent launch of my first Ben & Ally Pocketbook Christmas adventure! While the backdrop of an ever changing world has been on the forefront of 2020 causing us all to rethink and change our plans for the year, I certainly can't do so without counting all the things I am thankful for, and being happy with what we have.

As the winter is now here in full force and I begin to settle in working on my next big projects, I have found myself essentially exhausted. Not exhausted from one thing necessarily, but just in a way - creatively tired. Having to move a big part of my business and job into my home studio/office earlier this year was fine initially as I was basically able to transition rather quickly to working and being creative this summer outside of the office studio. So basically for most of the summer, working full time out of the studio never really was a problem as I was not using the space creatively for the most part. However as I've now begun work on the next Ben & Ally adventure and begun writing, video editing, and all my other favorite winter activities, I have come to the unfortunate conclusion that the merging of my job and work into what was suppose to be a creative space has inadvertently zapped that space of the creative spark I use to love.

My studio that I loved to take a big cup of coffee to on a Saturday morning, put on some really good music, and spend the day drawing and writing has now become an unfortunate casualty of the 2020 changes I mentioned above, and is no longer a room I wish to be in. This has obviously caused a problem for my writing, drawing, and other passions I enjoy.

So, as we head into the winter months and begin to look towards what 2021 has in store, I have made the hard decision to move my creative studio to another room of the house, and have essentially transformed my main open living room into the new (temporary) home production studio for all my creative projects! While moving all my desks and computers and projects from the studio they were conceived and developed all these years was a little hard to do, I must admit as I sit here and gaze out at everything now in the new home, with the big bay windows open to gaze out into the world as I work, I can certainly feel my creative spark and energy returning in full force! I cannot wait for the weekend to arrive so I can brew my big pot of coffee, throw on some good music, and get back into my creative zone as I press forward with all my ongoing projects.

Overall it has been a difficult year in many respects, but I am taking time to reflect on this and try to stay positive. I'm looking forward to a winter filled not only with lots of fun working on these projects, but being able to share these with you as we move forward!

One big project I'm hoping to start next year will be a new feature on the website called the Ben & Ally Wiki! I've discovered that it will be nearly seven years since the series was originally conceived! The Ben & Ally universe has gone through many creative leaps and bounds from the original concept designed in February 2014, and I cannot wait to share and document the full creative process I've gone through with the series since then.

Also, as I did note earlier, production into the new Ben & Ally comic book adventure "Home Movies" is well underway, with work on Chapter 3 already begun! I think we're due for a sneak peak at a few clips and behind the scenes previews. Keep an eye on the News feed as I hope to drop a few of these soon!

That pretty much does it for me for 2020. I can't wait to spend the rest of the year reading, writing, drawing, and video editing in my new creative studio office, as well as taking some much needed time to enjoy the holidays with those around me.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year and let's check in sometime in January and see how everything is looking then. As always, Happy Reading, and I'll see you next time!