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Welcome to July! I hope everyone had an excellent and relaxing Canada Day yesterday! We've made it to just over the halfway point of the year - and what a fast paced flurry it has been so far.

To begin, June was a very busy month as I made another milestone and launched the 2nd comic book adventure my 'Ben & Ally' series: Meet The New Puppy! It was a fun an exciting time as I made my way to the release date with our pre-order week, and the impressive and fun launch date! With the following 3 weeks since, it has been great getting some fan feedback letters from you and hearing how much you enjoyed the latest adventure! It was a rather large adventure that took us to many new places and introduced us to many new characters - all of whom I am sure we'll get to know better and have many more adventures with in the future!

In that vein, I have not stopped this year in planning out the future of the Ben & Ally series, with my writing notebook filling up with future adventure ideas, stories, and much more. Avid readers of the latest edition will note two new upcoming adventure announced - the next entry into the Ben & Ally comic book adventure series "Home Movies" as well as a special small pocketbook adventure called "Ben & Ally "Kinda" Save Christmas" which I am hoping to release later this fall. Both new adventures are in the early phases of production and I do hope to have further information and behind the scenes sneak peaks as to what is in store for both stories later this fall.

Production of my new untitled series continues throughout this summer as I'm planning to begin making a push this July and August in completing the final read throughs of the full book and begin making the final corrections/changes. While I'd like to actually release this book this fall, understandably I want to take extra time and care to make sure my first published novel that has been over 10 years in the making is polished and finished properly to my complete satisfaction. I'm hoping later this fall to finally announce the project name and further details as I begin wrapping up production.

For right now on the personal side of my life, I'm just keeping active and busy trying to meet the goal of getting out for a weekly 10k walk in the woods. Nice Saturday drives out to the middle of nowhere where I can just walk in the woods in silence and let my mind just wander has been a nice break from the stresses and concerns that make up daily life. I'm understandably hoping that everyone is keeping safe during these stressful times and that we can hopefully go back to a full sense of normal sometime soon.

As I look as to what projects and adventures will make up the 2nd half of my 2020, I'm very excited to press forward with the planned stories and adventures I've been crafting here. While July and August may reflect more of a relaxing vacation break for me from all aspects of both work and creative writing, the ending summer and progressing fall of 2020 are shaping up to be a very fun and creative period for my upcoming projects.

I look forward to continuing to share these adventures with you all. As always, happy reading!