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So here we are, the start of Spring. Birds in the air, nice warm days, the sound of lawnmowers, long walks, and relaxing spring evenings. And oh yes, all that stuff going on with the global health situation.

So the whole Covid19 thing hasn't exactly been easy. It has definitely been a big adjustment getting use to the new way of things, whether that has been social distancing or grocery shopping. But I have been getting use to it. It hasn't been easy some days being stuck in the house, or having all the big summer activities I had planned being cancelled or delayed. I understand why it is necessary and I am completely all for everybody keeping safe - some days with everything going on, it can be hard to keep positive. But, I've been finding reading a favorite book or just listening to the sounds of nature outside have definetely been a great help. In short, I hope everyone is keeping safe and has found a great way to keep positive and moving! Hopefully we'll get back to normal soon!

In the meantime: the big news that was announced earlier last week. I'm very excited to announce my second published book has officially been given a release date! "Ben & Ally: Meet The New Puppy" will be officially available to purchase online starting June 6th 2020! The follow-up to my very first published work 'Ben & Ally: Escape From Camp Buttercup' which was published last year.

I've wanted to write this adventure for a very long time with work on the story beginning as early as mid production of my first book. It has been a long process since starting to develop the first chapter to the final day I completed the last page. I have spent the last few months reviewing print copies, making last minute changes, and I feel confident this may be Ben & Ally's biggest and best adventure yet!
I am very happy with how this adventure turned out, and cannot wait to share my second published book with readers later next month!

Finally, I have added a new project to the 'Coming Soon' page with an "Untitled" designation given to it. While I do not want to give away a lot about this project just yet, I can say it has been quite possibly my longest project ever in development with work beginning on it in early 2008.
This project is a completely new series and will be my first published children's adventure novel.

Production on this new upcoming series is ongoing over the summer along with another project I will be starting up as well (which will be announced in June). I presently am anticipating having further information to share with you concerning the new series & novel with you later this summer.

That's it for me! For the rest of May I'm planning to try to keep getting out for nice long walks and doing plenty of reading on the back deck. Getting my next published book ready for next month will also be a pretty big item on my list as well. For now, I hope everyone keeps safe and will check back in again with me next month as we'll certainly have a lot to discuss concerning the new book launch at that time!

Till then, happy reading!