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Posted: 10/05/19: The hot cooking summer weather sure left pretty quickly. It seemed for a while I was enjoying sitting and reading on my back deck until late into the evening. Now I'm throwing on a jacket and heading inside before 7pm. I'm pretty we're well on our way into the fall weather now.

September and the start of October have both been pretty busy. There have been a few highlight accomplishments I've completed with my recent book, some new developments with my new current project, and a lot of other stuff I've been up to on the side.

First up...

pic_typorgaphyJust Relaxing

Those around me know it's no secret, I've been pushing myself pretty hard this last month. Between a full-time day job, along with my filming hobbies/job, and house repairs, finding some spare time to just enjoy myself has been a little rare these last few weeks.


So it has been great to just spend some time relaxing and doing stuff that I love to do just for myself. This includes just going for a walk by the nearby farmer fields and forest, shutting my brain off and just taking in all the sights and sounds of nature.


pic_double_sidebar_1I've also completed work on setting up my "retro room" in my house. A room for all my old childhood video game systems to live and get a second life. I've still got a little ways to go yet before everything is fully setup. I'd like to add a few shelves, maybe put up a few posters, but it is coming along good. I've already taken it for a test spin with one of my favorite games, and it was pretty fun reliving some great memories!

pic_double_sidebar_1Filming & Photography

High School football season has returned, and as such, I've been busy doing one of my favorite things in the world: working behind the lens. It has been a little cold and rainy on a few of the games so far this season, but that comes with the territory.


Rufus The Puppy

The newest edition to our family this year is Rufus the Puppy. He's been with our family now since around March of this year. He's getting a little bigger and older now, and can commonly be found curled up in his favorite claimed blanket on the couch.

Inclusion in the iBookstore & followups.

pic_typorgaphySo my big achievement for the last month was the inclusion of my book "Ben & Ally: Escape From Camp Buttercup" in the Apple iTunes iBookstore. I received the acceptance notice on September 25th. This completes the release of the book throughout both print and digital offerings.

While I celebrate the successful launch of my first book, work continues on the follow-up edition: "Ben & Ally: Meet The New Puppy". The website has been officially updated to reflect this next book under the "Upcoming Projects" page, and I have a sticky note reminder on my monitor to hopefully share a few sneak peek "behind the scenes" looks at where I currently am at in the project.

I'm debating right now how I possibly want to look at the launch of the next book, if I will follow the same release process I used recently, or if I may reach out to a few publishing companies to gauge interest. I'm still undecided on this step, however, I'm thinking it might be interesting just to see.

So that pretty much sums up the last little bit of my life. I'm going to continue to press forward with my current project and possibly begin reviewing highlighting a few older projects on my website under the "Classics" project page. More on that to come soon.

For now, I'm off to enjoy the last little bit of nice weather, get ready for Thanksgiving, and figure out exactly what I'm going to do for Halloween. I'll see you in the next update!