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This is one of those special weekends I personally love. It's a beautiful warm, but brisk, fall weekend. The leaves are changing, the weather is warm during the day and cool at night - it is certainly my favorite time of year.

This weekend, however, has been a personal enjoyment of mine, as a couple big projects I've been working on come to a close.

The first project is of course the Film Festival I've spent the summer helping work on. After completing our grading of all films submitted, I've spent the last month encoding and prepping all submitted winning films for our premiere night. The premiere took place at a local drive in theater last night, and everything went off without a hitch! I personally am a pretty big movie buff, and always love a good story - so being able to watch, rank, and help prep the films for our big movie night this weekend has been a big passion project of mine - one that I was glad to finally see beamed onto the big drive-in silver screen. A great way to wrap up a nice fall Saturday.

The other major project that wrapped up this weekend is also one that I have spent a great deal of time prepping throughout the year. My new upcoming published work: Ben & Ally: "Kinda" Save Christmas. This is a short story I wrote in the early days of developing the world of Ben & Ally in 2016, and one I've always wanted to go back and publish one day.

With a lot of other summer projects and opportunities postponed or cancelled this year, I found myself with the perfect opportunity to take on this project which has been on my wish list for many years, and develop this short story and art for release. The original short story and art has been given a full fresh re-work, and I am very proud of the final results of this story. It is a story that is actually very near and dear to me, and it gives me great joy to be able to finally conclude production on this story this weekend.

As the final read through took place on the release candidate version of my book, and the Movie Festival files were passed along for the projectionist, I spent the weekend taking some time to take a nice long drive in the country. During my travels, I happened upon a very nice park right next to a big pond. I spent a great deal of time watching the geese by the pond and taking some time to enjoy another passion of mine, photography.

It was the perfect way to conclude two big projects I've spent a great deal of the year working on, and a great opportunity to just reflect on everything I have accomplished throughout this year.

My new published work, now officially concluded, will be sent to the printers shortly for the print candidate copies to be produced and reviewed. The release of my new book is currently anticipated to take place in November, so keep an eye on the Project Page for further updates. I simply cannot wait to share this new adventure with you, as well as further detail and outline the new "Pocket Book" series this adventure with be launching under and what that all means. More details to follow very soon.

Happy Readings, and I'll see you next time!