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The hot, muggy warm days of summer have certainly come and gone as the brisk fall weather quickly moved in. It feels like only a week ago I was sweltering outside trying to soak in all the nice weather, now I'm digging out my fall jackets and trying to keep warm.

While I'm sad to see summer wrapping up, I must admit fall is my most favorite season of the year. Something about the warm but cool weather, the leaves changing, the smells. I tend to find a lot of my writing seems to take place, set around the fall season, and I don't think it's by any type of accident.

The months rest I took in August was much needed and allowed me time to just relax, read, and catch up on a ton of neglected side projects I've been wanting to get to. I've been re-working and setting up my home theater and prepping it for what I'm guessing is going to be a busy winter enjoying a lot of TV shows and movies I've missed over the years. I'm also hoping to catch up on some video games as well. With no where to really go this year in terms of the movies or just getting out, I'm thinking I might be stuck inside most of this winter with my available resources here - and I'm trying to make sure that it's going to be setup for the best experience possible!

With a months worth of relaxing, reading, and home theater prep now concluding, I'm quickly turning my attention to my other projects - most importantly, my writing. Since the first week of September, I've re-booted my production systems and have jumped right back into my current main project - the Ben & Ally Christmas book I started earlier this year. My goal is to have it finished, printed, and released just after Halloween, just in time for the holiday seasons. This project has a pretty lengthy history from the early beginnings way back in 2016. It has undergone a number of re-writes and enhancements, and I can't wait to share more next month!

The main follow-up to "Meet The New Puppy" is finally written and ready to begin production. I'm planning to hopefully get started on that later this fall, while also taking some time to hopefully conduct one final read-through of my upcoming novel that I intend to publish next year. So yes, this fall season is shaping up to be pretty busy, and that month break back in August was really needed!

On a fun side note, my work on the local film festival continues as we close in on our Drive In Movie Night release. I'm assisting the organization with collecting all the films and getting them ready to project onto the drive-in screen. This is the first time I've ever really assisted in getting a Film Festival put together, and it has been a pretty fun experience!

So as September pushes on and my project list increases, I certainly can't wait to see how everything comes together! As always, happy reading!